Emergency vehicle lighting - strobes, 360-degree beacons, lightbars, traffic signals and more from Star Lighting Products.

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  • Strobe Lights & Beacons

    Strobes are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, including standard single flash, doubleflash, doubleflash highpower, quadflash, and even quadflash highpower. Built with heavy-duty spun aluminum bases, each has a smooth outer dome for easy cleaning and protects the inner fresnel lens. Ships complete with mounting hardware and instructions.

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  • Starlite® Full-Spectrum Bulbs

    Starlite® Fluorescents and bulbs duplicate outdoor light’s naturally balanced spectrum. Studies show that this kind of lighting facilitates greater visual ease, increased energy, higer performance levels and enhanced feelings of well-being.

    Starlite® bulbs are also uniquely long-lasting, typically providing between 20,000 and 30,000 hours of life.

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  • Krypton Traffic Signal Lamps

    Star Lighting Traffic Krypton signal lamps are constructed for 12,000-20,000+ hours rated life in order to operate reliably with a minimal number of failures through at least 14-26 months. They are built to last that long to comply with the usual maintenance intervals for adjusting and cleaning signal apparatus and for 100% group replacement lamps. See Data Sheet for all available sizes and applications.

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  • Can’t Find It? We Can Get It!

    If the bulb you are looking for has ever been manufactured, we can get it. Guaranteed.

    Star Lighting Products® offers a complete line of Industrial Lighting Products including, Starlite Full Spectrum incandescent, fluorescent, traffic and code beacon for business and industry applications. If you don’t see the product you are looking for please call us toll free at 800-392-3552.

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  • For All Your Lighting Needs

    Since 1980, Star Lighting Products® has provided clients with high-quality lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications from Hollywood studios to pet stores. We serve many diversified markets including retail, medical, dental, restaurant, motion picture, food service, funeral, pet, hotel/motel, schools/colleges, churches, as well as industrial applications.

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Star Lighting Products

Since 1980, Star Lighting Products® has been providing our customers with high-quality lighting, warning systems, and signal solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Whether you need traditional incandescent lamps, specialty traffic signal and sign lamps, or our Starlite line of high-quality fluorescents, Star Lighting is committed to lighting technologies and service.

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