Emergency vehicle lighting - strobes, 360-degree beacons, lightbars, traffic signals and more from Star Lighting Products.

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Star Warning Systems and Emergency Lights

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Star Warning Systems and Emergency Lights

Calling attention and caution to a situation is what Star Warning Systems are all about. Whether used on vehicles, in buildings or on machinery in construction yards, Star technology and craftsmanship is on the line 24/7 keeping people safe and preventing accidents from happening.

Our traffic director signage is designed and built to be mounted to vehicles in order to control traffic under a myriad of conditions – from road construction and accidents to temporary road re-routes. LED Splits, LED Traffic Arrows and LED Traffic Directors all feature fully encapsulated electronics and mounting hardware for your traffic control and flow needs.

Industrial lights are designed to warn workers and visitors of dangerous areas, supplies and machinery in industrial settings – anywhere from a factory floor to a freight elevator in-use at a warehouse. These lighting tools come in various sizes and colors and some even feature stainless steel bases for rust and corrosion resistance.

360 degree LED Beacons are highly effective warning lights and some of the best Star Warning Systems we carry. Their 360 degree range makes them visible from all directions and ensures that no one is caught unawares in an emergency or hazardous scenario. Differing light intensities and power source options make these systems highly adaptable and flexible for a multitude of warning needs. 360 degree LED strobe lights function similarly to their sister products the beacons both in appearance and mounting, but shoot pulses or strobes of light as opposed to a steady stream of light.

Star mini-bars and Razor emergency lightbars take our beacon and strobe light technologies and place them within injection-molded, durable plastic light boxes that mount to vehicles for aerodynamic and weather-proof warning systems for all seasons of the year. Star Phantom lightbars serve the same purpose but are mounted to the interior of vehicles for undercover and unmarked vehicle operations.

Finally, remote kits from Star allow our customers to configure and build their own warning systems from Star parts for various uses. Star is pleased to offer so many Star Warning Systems to our valuable customers.