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Emergency Vehicle Lights

Get additional insights about what to look for when buying and using lights for emergency response vehicles.

Additional Information

For any emergency response vehicle, emergency vehicle lights are more than mandatory – they are essential and life-saving technical protocols without which the response vehicle would do more harm than good.

Emergency vehicle lights – from those found on police cars and fire engines to those used on tow trucks and even school buses – are designed to call attention to the behavior of the vehicle so that accidents do not occur and so that bodies are not injured and lives are not lost while the response vehicle is speeding down a road or crossing through an intersection on an emergency run. Emergency vehicle lights also help to protect the drivers and passengers of these response vehicles – visibility is lower at night and in accidents, floods and fires, confusion can lead to bodily harm from vehicle collisions, etc. An emergency vehicle light calls dramatic attention to the presence of men and women engaged in emergency procedures.

There are many different kinds of emergency vehicle lights depending on the size and style of the vehicle and the nature of the response required. Various colors, light sizes and light actions – flashing, strobe, spinning, stationary – are available depending on the vehicle’s official duties.