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Starlite® Full Spectrum Fluorescent Lighting

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What is full spectrum fluorescent lighting? It is as you might imagine – the spectrum of light on the electromagnetic spectrum that human eyes can see and that experts are discovering is healthy for many living things – the famous red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet light (ROY G BIV) from infrared to near-ultraviolet that imitates or emulates natural sunlight.

Most light bulbs and certainly all fluorescent bulbs generate light that does no consist of the full spectrum of light that can be found in sunlight. Most fluorescent bulbs generate the cool-white light that tends to be closer to the greens and yellows of the light spectrum. Scientists are conducting tests with mixed results on the value and efficacy of full-spectrum fluorescent lighting, but several studies have found that full spectrum lighting has several positive effects in several areas:

• In humans, full spectrum lighting tends to promote physical fitness and helps children with ADHD to concentrate more easily and not become as distracted or as distracting in classrooms. This may be due to the finer details and less eye strain required with full spectrum lighting. Learn more here.
• Full spectrum lighting helps birds that are kept indoors to absorb calcium more thoroughly as well as to molt more healthily and to behave more pleasantly.
• Full spectrum lighting with pets such as hamsters increases their weight, decreases dental decay, and improves skeletal development.

Considering that evolutionarily speaking, all animals and humans spent their lifetimes in the sunlight, it does make sense that lighting that is not full spectrum would be missing elements essential to health and well-being and would not be as wholesome form living creatures. Full spectrum lighting does not pass through window glass – hence indoor light is lacking in healthy factors inherent in full sunlight.