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Star Model ULB14 — Star Half-Phantom Undercover Interior LED Lightbar

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The NEW High Intensity StarBurst Split-Phantom™ and StarBurst Half-Phantom™ interior mount LED lightbars are perfect for undercover or unmarked vehicle applications. With an extremely thin profile, less than 1” high, the ULB24 and ULB14 are specifically designed to mount in the front windshield visor area. The ULB24 straddles the overhead console while the ULB14 mounts on the passenger side. Mounting time for both is less than 15-20 minutes. No drilling required with specific visor brackets. The ULB24 with 24 long-life, STAR Generation-4 LEDs or the ULB14 with 12 long-life , STAR Generation-4 LEDs will give you the power and flexibility you need. They both offer angled LED sections for intersection clearing, an adjustable baffle to eliminate “backflash” from the window, and Pursuit Mode: 35 customer selectable flash patterns with the push of a button. The ULB24 also includes Takedown Mode: A 30 second SuperBurst™ LED steady burn. Rear window mount version (no cig plug) is available only for the ULB44 (Model# ULB4-1). Ships complete with, mounting brackets, hardware, and instructions.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for undercover or unmarked vehicle applications with overhead center consoles
  • Low profile – Less than 1” high
  • For interior applications only
  • Specifically designed to mount in front windshield, on passenger side
  • No drilling required with vehicle specific visor brackets
  • Installs in 10-15 minutes
  • Angled LEDs for intersection clearing
  • 12 long-life, High-Intensity, STAR Generation-4 LEDs
  • 12’ Cigarette plug adapter with On/Off switch
  • 35 Customer selectable flash patterns via push button switch


  • Dimensions: 15/16” H X 16-3/4” W X 6” D
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Amp draw: Standard model: 2.2 Amps max
  • Custom lighting color combinations available: Amber, Blue, Green, Red, and White
  • Approvals: California Title 13 (Red/Blue)


Standard Models:

ULB14: StarBurst Half-Phantom™ Interior LED Lightbar 
Vehicle Specific Brackets (must choose one to be included with light): 
274-ULB10-IM: StarBurst Half-Phantom™ Bracket Kit for Chevy Impala 
274-ULB10-TA: StarBurst Half-Phantom™ Bracket Kit for Chevy Tahoe 
274-ULB10-CH: StarBurst Half-Phantom™ Bracket Kit for Dodge Charger 
274-ULB10-CV: StarBurst Half-Phantom™ Bracket Kit for Ford Crown Victoria 
274-ULB10-EX: StarBurst Half-Phantom™ Bracket Kit for Ford Explorer 
274-ULB10-U1:  Universal Mount Star Split-Phantom™ Bracket Kit