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Star Incandescent Lamps — Code Beacons

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Wherever there are tall air traffic hazards, and lives depend on light, you need the best Code Beacon lamps money can buy. And the best are built by Star Lighting Products. Our Code Beacons feature heavier filaments that are designed to withstand severe intermittent operation. Mogul prefocus base with welded eyelet assures positive contact and automatically positions filament for maximum visibility. Made with regular glass or all-weather Pyrex hard glass. The 620-watt Code Beacons are life-rated up to 5,000 user hours, 700-watt models up to 8,500 hours. Star Lighting Products Obstruction lamps, featuring super strong stem and filament construction, resist wind-vibration and shock that would destroy ordinary lamps. Medium brass base can’t corrode, can’t “freeze” in socket, even after 8,000 hours of exposure to wind, rain or snow.

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