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Star 200J Series — Strobe Lights

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The 200J and 200U Series strobes were designed for special application needs. The 200U is designed for indoor use with a patented AC circuit. Ships complete with mounting hardware and instructions.

Product Features:

  • Accommodates low clearances.
  • Rugged die-cast anodized spun aluminum case.
  • 200J: 3 joule DC unit
  • 200JQ 3 joule DC unit, quadflash
  • 200J-1: 3 joule DC unit with easy-clean outer dome
  • 200U: Indoor unit with unique patented AC circuit
  • 200U-1: Indoor unit with patented circuit and easy-clean outer dome

When any kind of emergency transpires – from a fire or flood to a car accident or a house break-in – emergency responders such as police, ambulance or firefighters need to get the attention of pedestrians and drivers to prevent further chaos and injury while they are doing their jobs. Since audio output is not a dependable resource due to hearing disabilities and car stereos, the use of bright strobe lights on the tops of vehicles has proven to be the best method for getting the attention of other drivers, cyclists and walkers.

Emergency vehicle strobe lights generate intense bursts of bright light, which can be seen through smoke, rain and deep darkness. The strobe effect is also one that is hard to miss or ignore due to its flashing, attention-getting design, and since other vehicles don’t use this pattern of lighting on their vehicles due to legal codes, the message of a flashing strobe light is clear – “Danger, get out of the way, or slow down!”

Generally, strobe lights for emergency vehicles produce between 10 and 150 joules of light in just a few seconds – plenty of light power to get attention and to warn other drivers of danger. Newer designs using LEDs have become very effective, but halogen strobe lights are still used as well. Emergency vehicle strobe lights can be found in almost all countries around the world and communicate their message of warning universally.


  • Voltage:
     -Single Flash: 12V DC
     (available 24V, 36V, 48V, or 72V DC)
     -Quad Flash: 12-24V DC
  • Amp Draw: 2 Amps
  • Joules: 3 Joules
  • Lens Colors: Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red, Magenta
  • Mounting:
     -Permanent Mount
     -1/2″ Pipe Mount
     -Flange Mount



200J: Single Flash, 6-1/16″H x 6-1/16″ Dia.
200JQ: Quad Flash, 6-1/16″H x 6-1/16″ Dia.
200J-1: Single Flash, 6-7/8″H x 6-1/16″ Dia.
200JQ-1: Quad Flash, 6-7/8″H x 6-1/16″ Dia.