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360 Degree Lights – Star 200BH8L & 200BHL Series — LED Beacons

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STAR Halo® LED technology is a patent pending  and extremely low current draw, ultra high intensity LED light that exceeds the latest J845 and CA13 standards. The circuitry is designed with 24 customer selectable flash patterns, high/low intensity feature (Manual or Automatic), and S-Link System™ that allows synchronizing capabilities with other STAR LED products. All circuitry is fully encapsulated for increased weather and shock resistance.We have the best rates for the 360 degree light LED beacons .

Product Features:

  • 24 Customer selectable flash patterns and two rotating patterns
  • S-LINK SYSTEM™ synchronizing capability with other STAR LED units
  • High/Low Intensity – Manual or Automatic
  • Extremely low current draw
  • Durable polycarbonate inner lens
  • Clear, smooth outer dome for easy cleaning and provides inner lens protection
  • Heavy-duty spun aluminum enclosed base with anodized finish
  • Completely encapsulated circuit for increased weather and shock resistance

Like its family members the incandescent rotating beacon and the halogen beacon, the 360 degree LED light provides attention-getting light in a complete circle so that everyone in the vicinity is aware of an emergency situation or the need to slow down, pull over, or to be cautious for some reason. All 360 degree lights provide effective emergency communication to their viewers, but the newer technology of LED lighting is bringing some strong advantages to the 360 degree LED light product.

Perhaps most importantly, 360 degree LED lights do not require as much power to operate as their older, incandescent siblings. This means that a police car or emergency vehicle or tow truck can operate its rotating beacon light without having to leave its engine idling – the battery power from the vehicle can power the LED beacon and thus gasoline is conserved and air pollution is reduced. The reduced fuel costs accumulated from using LED 360 degree lights for municipal vehicles means lower overall fuel costs for municipalities.

360 degree LED lights are the way to go for municipal emergency response needs. Portable, battery-operated or cigarette lighter-powered LED beacon lights are also available for temporary situations on vehicles.



  • Heavy-duty spun aluminum base and universal mounting: permanent mount, standard 3/4″ pipe mount
  • Durable polycarbonate inner lens and outer dome
  • Clear, smooth, outer dome for easy cleaning and provides inner lens protection
  • Dimensions: 6-7/8” tall x 8-1/4” dia., 4 lbs.
  • Voltage: 12-24V DC
  • Amp Draw: 0.6 Amps @ 12V DC, 0.3 Amps @ 24V DC
  • LED Colors: Amber, Blue, Red, White
  • Lens Colors: Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red
  • Approvals: SAE Class I (Amber)
    (Does not apply to all flash patterns)


Standard Models:

200BH8L: SAE Class I, California Title 13, Ultra High Intensity LEDs,
permanent mount or 3/4” pipe mount
200BHL: SAE Class I, High Intensity LEDs, permanent mount or 3/4” pipe