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Star 116 Watt Traffic Lamp

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The Star 116 Watt Traffic Lamp is designed to not only have very few failures but to last between 12,000 and 20,000 hours of usage. A lower failure rate means that maintenance costs are lower. When a single lamp fails in between maintenance period a crew and truck have to be sent out immediately to replace. The optimal situation is to replace all the traffic lamps at one designated time when the traffic fixture is being cleaned.

Star Lighting has features built into their lamps to help minimize unexpected failures of lamps. These lamps have a fuse wire that is designed to protect the signal housing socket, the signal’s wiring and control circuits at the rare times when the lamp fails.

The Star Lighting traffic lamps have an aluminum disc that keeps excess heat from reaching the socket and wiring where it could cause damage. This disc redirects light that would normally be lost at the base of the lamp. This recovery means that the lamps have better candlepower and less shadowing on the lens.

These lamps have a special tungsten filament wire to ensure that the lamps are better able to withstand shocks and vibrations over normal filament wire. The brass base was designed to ensure that the traffic lamps can be replaced easily and will not freeze into the sockets.

The shape of the Star Lighting lamps means that they will remain cooler with their larger size and help ensure that they do not experience an unexpected failure. These lamps use a 95% krypton fill gas. This gas allows for the same illumination and candlepower of standard traffic lamps while making them more reliable than standard lamps.

In most areas, local regulations determine how often traffic lights and the lamps inside need to be serviced. It is important that there are no unexpected failures in between the intervals. Engineers and the Transportation Department recommend use only the top-quality lamps in traffic lights to ensure a lower chance of failure and the expense of replacing a single lamp. The Star 116 Watt Traffic Lamp is the quality lamp that will last between maintenance periods.