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Star Halo LED Beacons - 360 Degree Lights

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360 degree lights, otherwise known as beacon lights, are some of the most famous lighting systems used world-wide for calling attention to a particular vehicle. Police cars, fire engines, tow trucks, construction vehicles – these and more employ 360 degree rotating lights on their vehicles for their efficacy and usefulness.

A rotating beacon light – also called a 360 degree light – is created when a parabolic reflector powered by an electric motor rotates around a light bulb that is continuously generating illumination. Because the light reflector is constantly rotating, the generated light does not just project backwards or forwards but emanates outwards in all 360 degrees – effectively enabling all eyes to see the light as it passes by in any direction. This is hugely important in emergency situations where lives are at-stake or where accidents are likely to occur due to the unexpected behavior of emergency vehicles.

360 degree lights, beacon lights and rotating emergency lights all help to keep drivers, pedestrians and workers safe from harm in dangerous situations. 360 degree lights are also employed as warning and alarm lighting in warehouses, factories, sewage plants, refineries…anywhere an attention-getting light system needs to communicate danger, warning or alarm.