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Star Strobe Lights - 360 Degree

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Star Strobe Lights – 360 Degree

Sometimes sound is not enough, and for those times, Star Lighting delivers the best in bright & 360 degree strobe lights that get the attention of drivers and pedestrians or call attention to hazardous surroundings or areas in buildings. The Star strobes on this page come in many different varieties depending on functional needs and uses for trucks, emergency response vehicles, tow trucks and more.

The 200A series Star strobe is our premiere and most popular 360 degree strobe light and features a clear dome that encases the strobe for protection. Flash options for this strobe include a standard single flash, a double flash, a double flash high-power, a quad flash and a quad flash high-power for various applications. The 200J and 200U Star strobes are for special applications indoors, and come with a patented AC circuit as well as mounting instructions and hardware.

The 211R Star strobe series is equipped with a rubber, molded base to absorb vibration and shock in moving vehicles and also to prevent corrosion from exposure to the elements. The 211RM series also features NeoForce™ Magnet Technology – a magnet is built into the rubberized base to attach to the rood of vehicles – the rubber base prevents the magnet from scratching the exterior paint of the vehicle.

The 242 series Star strobe features an encapsulated modular circuit for shock and weather resistance, a patented LED diagnostic indicator, and a photocell for automatic night mode switching. Meanwhile, our 255 series offers a selectable flash pattern of double or quad flash as well as several more very convenient features. Star’s 845S Series are self-contained, uni-directional strobes while the 200Z series are compact, low-profile strobes for the construction industry.

There’s also the 204 MV Star strobe – featuring an orange lens instead of the traditional yellow that is twist-off and built into a compact base that allows this strobe to be used almost anywhere. And these are just some of our models! Please take your time and click on each image to learn more about the wide variety of Star strobe lights available for safety and security needs.