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LED lighting (light emitting diodes) has been around in one form or the other since the early 1960s. Efficient, durable, long-lived and energy-conservative, LED lights have more or less revolutionized many lighting applications that in the past were the domain of incandescent lighting only. Since they are smaller in size and switch faster than ordinary light bulbs for pulses, LEDs are perfect for use in traffic directional lighting, as well as for use in beacon and strobe emergency and crisis/warning lighting. Star Lighting offers LED applications in the majority of our lighting systems as a forward-thinking and leading-edge specialty lighting company.

Star lights, LED variety, can be found in our 360 degree beacon lights, 360 degree strobe lights, traffic directional lighting systems, our Star mini-bars, Razor lightbars and Phantom® lightbars. Besides their smaller size and greater stability and durability – a very valuable asset for uses involving travel over rocky roads and bumpy terrain – LED lights from Star are also lighter and thus easier to ship and receive anywhere in the USA. With the number of uses for LED lighting continuing to grow, the future of innovation for Star lights in the LED class looks very bright.

For energy conservation, compact design and bright illumination, consider LED systems from Star Lighting.