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Color rendering index of 92% (Natural Sunlight is 100%). Colors are enhanced and improves visual acuity. People work and feel better. Fluorescent lighting promotes positive effects on health. Boosts physical fitness. Rated at 36,000 user hours. Lasts five times the life of a Conventional fluorescent lamp. Kelvin Temperature 5765 degrees. Used in schools, offices, factories, showrooms, dental offices and labs, etc. Colors are enhanced, people work and see better. Offers pleasing light conductive for work or studying.

Hours: 36,000 User Hours
Lumen Maintenance: 86% of initial Lumen Output after 26,000 Hours
CRI: 92.2 CRI vs. 100 CRI for Natural Outdoor Daylight in Washington DC.
Kelvin Temperature: 5750 Kelvin
Visible Spectrum: The complete range of energy wavelengths that activate the human eyesight. (Full Color and Ultraviolet spectrum of natural outdoor light.)
Phosphor: Tri-Phosphor, A phosphorescent substance.