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Star Incandescent “A” Lamps

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Star Lighting Products is committed to meeting or exceeding our customers' high expectations. We provide quality lighting products designed for diverse applications. We offer competitive prices and with exceptional customer service.


Incandescent “A” Lamps, From 15-200 Watts. Star Lighting Products bulbs are designed and engineered for durability, strength and long burning life. They feature rugged, multi-support flexible tungsten filaments that easily withstand the shock and vibration of industrial applications. Life-rated up to 20,000 user hours, the Star Lighting Products bulb will outlast ordinary bulbs many times over. You save substantially on labor and replacement costs and you greatly reduce the number of trips up the ladder to change burned-out bulbs. All Star Lighting Products incandescent lamps are made with brass bases, which unlike aluminum, won’t corrode in the socket, even after thousands of hours of burning. In wattages ranging from 15 to 200, our “A” line includes 20,000-hour general service lamps, 20,000-hour sign lamps in a wide variety of colors, corridor lamps, attractive decorative models, and much more.