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Star Mini-Bar, Strobe & Halogen Light – Star 9216 Series

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The STARBEAM™ 9216 & 9224 Series Star Mini-Bars® are a heavy duty, all-in-one package with the reliability and attention getting power you need. Choose from high intensity strobes or patent pending shock mounted rotators with two sealed roller bearings providing quiet, smooth, and maintenance free operation. The circuits and strobe tube assemblies in the strobe models are fully encapsulated to guard against shock and vibration, while the rotator models offer lock-and-stay bulbs that are field replaceable. Wall mirrors are standard for both models. Durable polycarbonate domes resist UV deterioration and are fully gasketed to protect against the elements. The rugged aluminum extruded base will not bend or warp. The STARBEAM™ 9216 & 9224 Series are available in permanent, T-Slot mounting only. Ships complete with 15’ lead, mounting hardware and instructions.

Like the LED strobe light and the Xenon strobe light, the Halogen strobe light is an effective, attention-getting light design created originally for emergency response vehicles in order to draw attention to their activities to protect lives against death and injury. In emergency situations – especially during accidents, floods, earthquakes and fires – a lot of chaos is happening and people are distracted, and fast-moving response vehicles have the potential to injure awestruck passersby. The use of halogen strobe lights and ALL strobe lights is to call attention to vehicular motion so that drivers and pedestrians get out of the way safely.

A halogen strobe light is created when a small amount of a halogen substance such as bromine or iodine is added to the light bulb compartment. The metal tungsten filament reacts to the halogen chemical when electrical power is introduced to the filament, and creates a cycle where evaporated tungsten is redeposited on the filament – increasing filament life and the clarity inside the bulb compartment. Halogen strobe lights can be operated at higher temperatures than other strobes – producing brighter light and clarity. Halogen strobe lights have smaller bulb sizes, making them perfect for compact applications in projectors and for security illumination effects.

For emergency response vehicles, a halogen strobe light is excellent due to its small size and bright light intensity. They are also less expensive than LED strobe lights.


  • Dimensions:
     – 9216: 5-1/2”H x 16”W x 8-1/2”D
     – 9224: 5-1/2”H x 24”W x 8-1/2”D
  • Weight:
     – 9216: 8 lbs.
     – 9224: 10 lbs
  • Voltage:
     – Halogen: 12V DC
     – Strobe: 12V – 24V DC
  • Amp Draw:
     – Halogen: 4.75 Amps per rotator
     – Strobe: 2 Amps per strobe head
  • Joules: Strobe: 17.6 joules per strobe head
  • Flash rate:
     – Strobe: 75 Quadflash sequences per minute, per selfcontained strobe @ 24 Watts
     – Rotator: 120fpm (+/-10) per rotator
  • Color: Outer Dome & Inner Lens: Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red
  • Approvals: 9216H, 9224H: SAE J845, Class 1 – Amber, Clear California Title 13 – Amber


Standard Models:

9216H: 16” Star Mini-Bar® with two rotators, one wall mirror, two 58
watt halogen bulbs.
9216S: 16” Star Mini-Bar® with two 360° Quadflash strobes, one wall
9224H: 24” Star Mini-Bar® with three rotators, two wall mirrors, three
58 watt halogen bulbs.
9224S: 24” Star Mini-Bar® with three 360° Quadflash strobes, two wall