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Star 90 Watt Traffic Lamp

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Star Lighting Traffic Krypton signal lamps were designed for a long life and dependability. These lamps generally last between 12,000 and 20,000 hours of usage that translate into approximately 14 to 26 months between maintenance and replacement. The lamp was designed to limit failures and allowing for typically maintenance periods where the signal apparatus is cleaned and all of the lamps replaced at one time.

By replacing all of the lamps at one time, the labor cost is lower than replacing lamps individually. Star Lighting’s dependability ensures that single replacements necessary are kept to a minimum.

Regulations for traffic safety means that lamp outages should be an unusual situation that rarely occur. When failures occur, those lamps must be replaced immediately. Because Star Lighting’s lamps are designed for long life and dependability, they fit into these traffic safety regulations. To eliminate defects that can lead to an early burn out, Star Lighting has strict quality controls during the manufacture of their lamps. Traffic Department administrators and engineers typically recommend that the most economical method of maintaining traffic signals is to use only high quality lamps, which will lower the labor costs of replacing a single lamp burnout.

When a single lamp burns out, a crew and truck must be immediately dispatched to replace that lamp. This can be very expensive and the waste of a crew’s valuable time. The length between scheduled maintenance periods that is allowed by regulations determines the overall cost of a traffic signal. Modern, up-to-date equipment allows traffic signals to require new lamps every 12 to 24 months, and the lamps must last that long. In some conditions, those periods can be even longer. This is why it is important that traffic lamps be uniform and of the best quality available, lowering the chance of failure and the need for single replacements. It is important that the average of traffic lamp failures be between 2 and 5% in between regular maintenance periods. This makes the Star 90 Watt Traffic Lamp a must!