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Star 2400 Series — Star Razor Lightbars, 46″ Emergency Packages

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Star Lighting Products is committed to meeting or exceeding our customers' high expectations. We provide quality lighting products designed for diverse applications. We offer competitive prices and with exceptional customer service.

Lenses and filters are available in red, blue, amber, green, and clear. A BLACK plastic, low profile, direct roof mount kit is standard and included (820-39-PB). A traffic director control unit is included with lightbars containing a traffic director assembly.

Product Features:

  • Super bright M-Tech PLUS® LED technology provides superior warning light image
  • ULTRA LOW PROFILE- only 2 3/4″ high!
  • New forward facing WHITE SCENE LIGHTING now available giving you full front coverage for those times when you need it the most (TOW packages the scene lighting is to the rear)
  • Wider design for better light distribution
  • Designed for heavy duty applications
  • Separate operation of lighting components
  • Star Diamond coated, Virgin Lexan, injected molded domes are fully gasketed to protect against moisture
  • One piece extruded, anodized aluminum case
  • All Strobe heads, LED heads and power supplies feature potted circuits
  • Strobe, Halogen, and LED options available
  • Available 4.5″ or 7″ linear strobe heads
  • Adjustable low profile permanent mount kit is standard
  • Custom lightbar configurations are available

Standard Models:

2460LED: 46” M-Tech Plus LED Lightbar with two LED heads w/scene lighting, two V-mirrors
2461LED: 46” M-Tech Plus LED Lightbar with two LED heads w/scene lighting, two front DLX6 LED takedown/pursuits, two LED alleys
2464LED: M-Tech Plus® LED lightbar with 64 LEDs and two v-mirrors
2464LED-TOW: M-Tech Plus® LED lightbar with 64 LEDs, two rear halogen worklights, two LED stop/turn/tail lights
2462LED: Ten M-Tech Plus® lightbar with 64 LEDs, alleys and Takedown/Pursuit lights
2463LED: M-Tech Plus® LED lightbar with 64 LEDs, and two LED Takedown/Pursuit lights
2565LED-TOW: 46” M-Tech Plus LED Lightbar with two LED heads w/scene lighting to the rear, two LED worklights, two red STT lights