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Star 135 Watt Traffic Lamp

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When looking for a traffic lamp with a low failure rate, the Star 135 Watt Traffic Lamp is the right fit. This high quality lamp was designed to last during long maintenance intervals with an average lifespan between 12,000 and 20,000 hours. Unexpected failures between maintenance intervals can be very expensive. Lamps that fail require immediate attention and replacement. This necessitates that a work crew and truck be sent out to replace the lamp instead of attending to other duties.

The key to the long lasting lamp life is design. In the unlikely event that the lamp fails, the fuse wire limits further damage to the wiring, control circuits and the signal housing socket. This helps keep down further costs and damage to the traffic lamp housing. Inside the Star Lighting lamps is an aluminum disc that limits the amount of heat that gets near the wiring and socket. This disc also collects light that is sometimes lost at the bottom of the lamp and redirects it to the main part of the lamp. This means that the lamp has more candlepower and that there is not such a defined shadow effect on the lens.

The tungsten filament wire is designed to withstand shocks and vibrations better than other wires, helping the lamp last longer. To keep the lamp from freezing in place, this lamp has a brass base. This allows for easy replacement during the maintenance period.

The Star Lighting lamp has a larger volume than a normal lamp that makes it less likely to fail, because the bulb stays cooler. When 75% Krypton gas is used in a traffic lamp it has a longer life than one without. All of these design upgrades ensure a longer lamp life.

Local regulations determine when maintenance must be done, but a failure in between means the lost time of a work crew. With these lamps, all the traffic lamps should be changed at the same time during regular maintenance because they are the best quality.