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AEROSTAR Lightbars-6000 Series – 20″ Warning Package

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Star Lighting Products is committed to meeting or exceeding our customers' high expectations. We provide quality lighting products designed for diverse applications. We offer competitive prices and with exceptional customer service.

All Star mini-bars are built tough. Our heavy-duty aluminum extruded base will not bend, warp or sag. It’s pressure-sealed to the strong, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, providing you with one of the most durable aerodynamic shells in the industry to protect components. The modular lens design makes any model easy to repair and a snap to re-seal. The lens colors come in amber, red, blue, clear and green. We CUSTOM MAKE light bars to your specifications. If you do not find what you are looking for, call our factory, and our highly trained customer service representatives will work with you. Click on the thumb nailed pictures to find out more information about each light.

Filters and inserts are available in red, blue, amber, green, and clear. An aluminum direct roof mount kit is standard and included (920-39). Optional tow mount direct roof mount kit is available as a substitution to the standard kit (920-39T).


Product Features:

  • Specify Lens Color: Amber, Red, Blue, Clear, Green.

6020H: Two 50 Watt Halogen rotators, 1 wall mirror, 1 12″ dome section
6020HM: Two 50 Watt Halogen rotators, 1 wall mirror, magnetic mount, 1 12″ dome section
6020S: Two 11.25 Joule Strobe Heads, 1 wall mirror/pak, 1 12″ dome section
602OSM: Two 11.25 Joule Strobe Heads, 1 wall mirror/pak, magnetic mount and cig. plug, 1 12″ dome section