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8300 Series Star Interceptor® Lightbars 36″ Emergency Packages

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Star Lighting Products is committed to meeting or exceeding our customers' high expectations. We provide quality lighting products designed for diverse applications. We offer competitive prices and with exceptional customer service.


Lenses and filters are available in red, blue, amber, green, and clear. A BLACK plastic, low profile, direct roof mount kit is standard and included(820-39-PB). A traffic director control unit is included with lightbars containing a traffic director assembly.


Product Features:

  • Wider Design (better light distribution, intersection, clearing angles and more options)
  • Sloped end domes for better vehicle contour image
  • Adjustable lower level lights allow optimal positioning of light output
  • Patented Shock-mounted rotators system for long-lasting, quiet, rotators operation
  • Dual ball-bearing rotators spindle for smooth, quiet, rotators operation
  • Low profile – Under 5″ high!
  • Best Interceptor Light bar around.

8300H: Two halogen rotators, two fast halogen rotators, two double V-mirrors
8300S: Two 360 degree strobe heads, one 2-head strobe pak, two V-mirrors
8300SL: Four 4.5″ strobes, four 7″ linear strobe heads, two 4-head strobe paks

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