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Star Phantom LED Lights - Undercover LED Lightbars

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Star lightbars, sometimes known as light bars, are convenient LED lighting that are encased in durable plastic casings to protect against weather elements and to increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle using them. In the case of the Phantom lightbar, however, the use is more clandestine, as it is designed for covert and undercover operations where the lightbar is concealed within the vehicle – not atop it.

In unmarked car operations, which are often personal security forces or special divisions of the police, it’s important to remain unnoticed by those who are under surveillance. In such cases, the use of traditional strobe lights, beacons and ordinary exterior lightbars would give away the identity of the vehicle to would-be law breakers or those under-watch for various reasons. The Phantom LED lightbar by Star Lighting is a patented, interior mounted lightbar that is perfect for undercover or unmarked vehicle applications. Featuring an extremely thin profile – less than1” high – the ULB42 series mounts very easily under the center visor clips above the rearview mirror in about 15-20 minutes.

Two models are available – the ULB42 with 270 long-life LEDs or the ULB42V with 220 long-life LEDs. Pursuit Mode with the Phantom® offers 35 customer- selectable flash patterns via a push button switch, while Takedown Mode offers a 20-second Superburst™ LED steady burn. An adjustable baffle is also included to eliminate “backflash” from the window for safer driving while using the Phantom®.

Custom lighting color combinations are available with the Phantom® lightbar: Blue, Red, White, Green, and Amber selections can be installed for various visual effects and identification. For excellent interior lightbar illumination, trust Star Lighting and the Phantom® lightbar series.