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Razor Emergency Lightbars

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Emergency Lightbars

Used for calling attention to a vehicle as it speeds down a road in order to avoid accidents with other vehicles, emergency lightbars are essential for ambulances, police cars, fire cars, tow trucks and more – any emergency response vehicle being called to the scene of an emergency. With more and more vehicles on the road each year and more drivers out late at night due to different work shifts, these lightbars are one of the best communication tools to prevent accidents and to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. Drivers may not hear the sound of a wailing siren but they will always see the lights coming from response vehicles thanks to the lighting technology inherent in emergency lightbars.

Emergency lightbars come in different sizes and lengths depending on the size of the vehicle using the light bar. These lighting systems also can feature different colored lights as required by various municipality codes. Lightbars can feature halogen, strobe or LED lights – each system has its own strengths and weaknesses to consider before you buy. Lastly, mini lightbars can be used by volunteer service personnel on their own vehicles. These smaller versions of lightbars can be mounted permanently to the tops of vehicles or can be held in place with strong magnets. A power cord attached to the lightbar is generally plugged in to the cigarette lighter in the vehicle to power the lights, and the lightbar can be removed when the system is not in use.