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Blue LED Beacon Light


Police Blue Beacon Light

When you see the iconic blue beacon light behind you, you probably look at the rearview mirror and then look at your speed on the dashboard – “Oh oh, was I going too fast?”

Perhaps one of the most universally recognized (or at least globally recognized) symbols around, the 360 degree blue light often called the beacon light is tantamount to “Stop and pull over” around the world. Policemen and law officers use it every day to pass through crowded intersections, to pull over speeding vehicles, to pass-by cars on the road or highway on their way to an appointed mission – and it all comes down to the effectiveness of the 360 degree lighting system that gets the attention of any driver or pedestrian who sees it.

Blue beacon lights today tend to be strobe lights that flash at high speeds in order to get the attention of drivers, sealed in an aluminum and plastic cover system. There are also beacon lights that use rotating parabolic mirrors and halogen or incandescent bulbs, as well as LED light systems that serve as beacon lights. For law officers, the blue cover color is the important thing – symbolizing authority and respect and commanding attention and submission from other drivers.

When looking for a blue beacon light for your municipality or town, consider the mounting system used for the top of the vehicle, as well as the light source. While LED systems cost more initially, they require much less energy to use and can be powered off of car batteries, reducing fuel consumption in city vehicles due to reduced motor idling and gasoline consumption.